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Title: Repackaging Flickrin to run in AIR

Author: Ashwinee Dash

Description: Flickrin 2.0 is a real world application for searching photos online using Flickr API. Users can save the selected images from the search result.In this article we learn to upgrade this Apollo application to run in the newly upgraded environment named Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR).

Copyright: 2007,

Link to final application : Flickrin 2.0

Requirements :

a) Adobe Flex Builder 3 Beta

b) AIR Beta Runtime

c) Flickr API Key

d) Flickrin ver 2.0(source files)

e) AS3 corelib

Assumptions if any:

a) You have downloaded and installed Flex Builder 3 Beta.

b) You have already gone through Flickrin ver 1.0 and 2.0 tutorials.

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