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Finally the beta version of “snowdust” saw the light of the day. It is a small and lightweight css framework Suvra has been working on for quite a few days. I had started it a year ago but abandoned it due to time constraints (mostly relate to my marriage ceremony). But recently Suvra found it and decided to revive it again. The credit should go to her for seeing potential in it.

In my opinion, it can be used for rapid prototyping of various web projects. In its earliest forms I had used it once or twice while creating few Rails projects.

It is licensed under MIT license and hosted with Google code.

Here is the downlod link


Yes, Keith Peters has written the best book on doing animation in ActionScript 3.0.

Foundation Actionscript 3.0 Animation: Making Things Move!

Now a days I am spending my free time in designing the website for It is a joint venture between my wife and my sister-in-law. At first we decided to use only html, css and some javascript framework for the site. The designs we came up with were also very compelling .

But sooner we found that we are taking the wrong decision by avoiding Flash altogether. Because the kind of idea we want to convey is much better presented in Flash only, though it requires some animating skills in AS. I know AS3.0 and Flex very well, still that’s not enough. So while searching for a book that would guide me in animation I found this book with some great reviews. I have just gone through some initial chapters and I have this feeling that I am a damn good ActionScript animator (is there such a thing!). What I liked the best in the book is the approach of attacking the problems using few mathematical concepts.

In fact this book can change the way you view and use ActionScript because a lot of Flex and RIA war has taken away some of the sweetness that Flash is famous for from your mind. I certainly believe currently ActionScript 3 is the most expressive language for visual medium and Keith Peters is one of the star makers.

Thanks Keith for writing the book.

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