PHP Contact Form Builder

PHP Contact Form Builder is designed to achieve one simple thing only – to create a contact form in PHP without writing a single line of code. Its like asking a PHP developer to code a simple contact form for your site free of charge. Actually that developer happens to be Raymond Selda. If you want to see how page looks and works, then see it in action here .

In clear words what does it do?

A PHP contact form is generated along with jQuery validation based on the provided email address and site url. Once it is ready you can use it as is or modify it to your heart’s content. All the messages sent using this form will be sent the provided email address.

Who needs such a thing like this ?
Everyone who knows how to design a website but does not know how to code in php but needs a contact form really badly.

Adobe AIR runtime 1.5 or the latest.
It runs in any operating system where AIR is installed.That means Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

It free to download and use.