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While trying to installing Ruby 1.9.2 using rvm, it was giving make error. So I checked the makeerror.log. It pointed to some readline error.
After searching through the web for a solution I hit upon the following link

Finally the solution is to install readline properly as given in rvm documentation
Also do not forget to update rvm itself and reload subsequently.
Hope this helps.


The relaxation on the restriction on acceptance of apps made with third part tools ( read Flash CS5) has made using Flash CS5 suddenly lucrative. This means more sales of Flash CS5 for Aobe, more sales of developer license for Apple and hordes of translated Flash app for app store reviewers to review. I think Lee can continue to produce more tutorials on Iphone app development.

But more importanly we also need strongrer guideline on iPhone App development from Adobe.Like it or not Adobe has to work more hard to showcase best practices, development skills, even coding samples if they want Flash CS5 apps to succeed like no other. The reason is it is damn easy to build apps and games in Flash with few lines of code than to sit and worry about how each object created is going to be garbage collected.

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