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AS 3.0 is awesome and Flex is awesome too. So what are your options to get your hands on them and apply these to various projects.

The easiest way is to get the Flex Builder from Adobe. The other way is to get the Flex eclipse plugin and use it with Eclipse.But those coming from Flash & Photoshop background FB seems the best option.So download and use it for free for 60 days.A great decision. In these 60 days you invest your time to learn MXML, AS 3.0 as well as toolsets of FB.Once the time period passes you think of buying it.A greater decision. You go to the Adobe site and click the buy online button and the journey starts(to the hell, of course).If you are from a country not listed for sale in their site such as India and try to buy from another country from the list, you will be shown the door like this

Oh, what a bad day.

So what are your options now?

You can certainly do one of the following :

1) Quit this Flex thing altogether

2) Start again with SDK and spend another 60 days to love working in this alternative way

or 3) search for the c*****d version on some torrent (and continue form 62nd or 63rd day)

You decide which option to take.From now on you are on your own.

TIP: why don’t you ask Adobe guys or the evangelists who in the first place lured you into trying Flex altogether ?


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