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Author: Ashwinee Kumar Dash.

Name of the Book: Essential ActionScript 3.0 by Colin Moock

Copyright: Creative Commons License
Disclaimer: Anything in quotation marks is a direct quotation from Essential
ActionScript 3.0
. All other notes are my own summaries of the concepts
presented in the book.

These notes are for reference purpose only and not intended to replace the book .Therefore I would strongly advise you to read the original book as well as make your own notes wherever necessary.

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Instance Methods

  • The keyword this can be omitted as ActionScript automatically searches for the instance variable or method unless there is a local one available matching the search result.
  • Usage of the keyword this is legal only in the following cases instance method, constructor method, functions and code in global scope.
  • Method can be assigned as value to variable and again can be invoked through that variable. Such methods are known as bound methods.
  • This is most used when one section of program wishes to instruct another section of the program to invoke a particular method on a particular object.
  • Get method is used to retrieve the value of the private instance property
  • To define get method get keyword is used.
  • Get methods have a return type as they have the return value
  • Similarly set methods are used to modify the values of variables.
  • To define a set method set keyword is used.
  • Unlike get methods set methods do not have return values.
  • To invoke set or get methods “()” is not used.
  • In case of set methods a value is assigned rather than any arguments are passed
  • To deal with unknown number of parameters ….(rest) can be used where (rest) is the array of arguments. Just like any array arguments can be retrieved using array index.

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