I would like to thank Colin for allowing me to publish my own notes that I had jotted down while studying his (essential) book aptly titled Essential ActionScript 3.0.

EAS 3.0

In my opinion it is the best book currently available to learn Object Oriented Programming using Actionscript 3.0. The following three categories of readers can benefit from the book

  • those who are new to OOP and AS 3.0 ( they will find it most useful).
  • those wishing to upgrade from AS 2.0 to AS 3.0 will need this book to understand concepts like e4x, display architecture, Flash player security and events and event handling etc.
  • C# or C++ or java developers wishing to use AS 3.0 in their Flex projects won’t find such in depth knowledge and coverage of AS3.0 in any other book.

The importance of AS 3.0 has increased in these days due to quick adoption of Flex and to use Flex to its fullest extent one must know AS 3.0 inside out . When it comes to ActionScript, nobody teaches you the better than Colin Moock.

I, like countless others have learnt a lot about ActionScript and Flash just by reading his books. I hope he continues to write more about ActionScript, a popular language destined to become.