I have recently downloaded The Essential Actionscript 3.0 by Colin Moock (still in the Rough Cuts version) from O’reilly’s Safari Online. This book is 861 pages long in its PDF version( a big book).
Day 1
So far I have read only the preface, acknowledgment and some pages of Core Concepts(chapter 1).Like the AS itself, the book has got a whole new approach to teaching programming.This book is about programming and uses AS to teach Object Oriented Programming.It starts with classes and packages and then goes on to teach variables and functions etc.In the section titled Beginners welcome, it is clearly stated that no prior programming knowledge is assumed.Every book says that but really a few provide a good guideline to newbies.

About accuracy and depth of coverage.
Consider the following stat about this book
Years of research : 2
No. of reviewers : 15
No. of pages : 861
No. of supporters : Still counting (ever heard of Mike Chambers)

I think this is enough to give this book a try at least.

Day 2

Read a few more pages of Chapter 1 Core concepts.Moock starts from the top with package and then moves on to classes and then talks about constructor and variables. Dave Thomas also wanted to start from the top but he had this dillema how to tell about classes and objects without first telling about the basic building blocks of programming like variables and functions.But Moock has done it.And like me, you would not believe it unless you read on your own.

I, like others always used variable initializer but I was unaware of it till I read it in the book.

If you are wondering what this means, then read the following excerpt from the book

“class SomeClass {

public function SomeClass () {
var identifier = value;

In the preceding code, identifier is the local variable’s name, and value is the value
associated with that variable. Together, the equals sign and the value are known as the
variable initializer because they determine the initial value of the variable.
Associating a variable with a value is known as assigning, setting, or writing the
variable’s value.
When the variable initializer is omitted, ActionScript automatically assigns the variable a
default value.”

Let me read a little more…