If Apollo can’t access database,then how does it work ?

In the true tradition of macromedia Adobe once more has let us down.Last time you saved anything from a flash movie was in the times of Flash 5.After Flash 5 the security tightened and nothing can be saved from swfs.You can draw a picture or write some notes and even use ‘Ctrl+C’ and ‘Ctrl+V’ but no ‘Ctrl+S’ while your favorite movie plays or waits for your active response.

But you will say “Don’t forget Local shared Object”.And I will say “Wow, that’s great.Actually LSO has saved me many times in my coding career.”

But we all know that is not enough.We need some kind of database access to develope enterprise level applications.

The next question is if an Apollo app cannot access databse then how is it going to deal with data?


Adobe has alaready shown a really cool demo of ebay apollo app.

Still want to know more..

Let’s analyse the objective with which Apollo framework is created and we will clearly see why database access is not on its to-do lists.

Reason 1:

Its primary objective is to connect the system(desktop) with the application running on the server.

Reason 2:

Its job is not to replace either the browser or the server side languages but rather to complement them.

Reason 3:

Any server side language can access the database in better ways as they are built to do that.(save us learning a new language)

Then how does the app work?

Before we go further give a look at the class and package structure of the Apollo(refer my Apollo Class heierarchy.swf)

It has got the following actionscript packages


This clearly shows what is being dealt with here.
Apollo is a framework which leverages the power of Flash,Actionscript,html,css and javascript in addition to some native functionalities and APIs such as file I/O and native windowing etc.

From this I can safely deduce that Apollo application will work in the following manner(see the blow diagram).

The app renders the html and display contents from the server.It saves the required data in the system in some format so that it can operate when offline.Apart form this, it can read/write files and can access system directories.So any modification done by the user is saved and uploaded once the app goes online.

Javascript support means developers do not have to write user interactions,client side validations twice.Once in javascript and again in actionscript.

It seems without direct database access an apollo app can do a lot.